This game was made for the tweet tweet jam.  The code has to be the size of two tweets or less. 560 characters.  This one comes in at 547 characters of code.

Here is the entire code:

t=0;vx=0;vy=0;vr=0;n=1;ty=140;g=true;poke(0x3FFB,1)function TIC()if g then u=3;q=15;t=t+1;if t%math.random(30,90)==0 then n=n*-1 end;vx=vx+n;vy=vy+.5;x,y,p=mouse()c=pix(x,y)z=pix(vx/vr,vy-6)cls(13)circ(100,920,800,4)tri(50,ty,100,ty-100,125,ty+25,10)tri(125,ty+25,100,ty-100,150,ty,3)if ty<-25 then g=false end;if z==10 or z==3 then ty=ty+.2;u=6 end;if p then q=6;ty=ty+.1;if c==14 then vy=-10;ty=ty-15 end end;rectb(x-5,y-5,10,10,q)if t%120==0 then vr=math.random(10)vy=0;vx=240 end;circ(vx/vr,vy,2,14)else cls(13)print("YOU WIN!",100,20)end end

You have landed your Space Fortress Pyramid on this planet but it's time to leave.

Capture the falling photons by moving your reticle over them and left clicking .  This will allow you to escape the planet's atmosphere.  

Holding down the mouse will cause you to fall back to the surface as will allowing the photons to contact your pyramid's surface.

Good Luck!

AuthorGip Games
Made withTIC-80
TagsTIC-80, tweet

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